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28-Dec-2014 05:56

Another attendee at the Washington conference held by the far right NPI think tank, Robertson delivered a speech to attendees.Despite being unmasked late in 2016, Robertson "has already returned to making regular videos" with the media exposure having "greatly raised his profile," according to the report.In 2016, he was banned from Twitter for "inciting or engaging in the targeted abuse or harassment of others", and his planned appearance at the University of California, Berkeley, in February sparked violent riots.Publisher Simon and Schuster has been widely criticised for paying Yiannopoulos a £200,000 advance for the publication of his memoirs.Watson's conspiracy theories were reportedly discussed on cable news channel Fox News.

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Many white people don't know who is white and who isn't.A network of UK bloggers and activists who spread white nationalist ideology as part of the alt-right movement has been uncovered in a new report.Short for the "alternative right", the movement uses social media and the internet to spread white nationalist ideas, developing memes and its own distinctive web-savvy argot.Robertson, 34, gained notoriety for his racist You Tube videos, produced under the pseudonym Millenial Woes in his parents' home in Linlithgow, Scotland, where he lives.

The video blogger has posted around 600 videos on the site, racking up 20,000 subscribers and 2.1 million views.It gained prominence for its backing of Donald Trump during the US election.